The rate of unemployment is being increased because most people think that skill acquisition training are for illiterates, less privileged and the low class people.  Ankara nation wants to disabuse your mind from such thoughts because it is not true and at the same time an archaic way of thinking.

Skill acquisition helps in human development and this in turn contributes towards a nation’s development. Being involve in such training does not stop one from going to school, working or doing your business but it’s an added advantage for you to create something for yourself instead of spending much buying from others, even if you don’t want to use the skill acquired as a major source of income.  

Our training section is an online training opportunity for you to learn how to make fashion accessories which you buy expensively from the market with little or no token.  Ankara nation will teach you how to make Ankara Accessories like bags, purse, slippers, sandals, bow ties, yoyo flowers, neckpiece, earrings etc.  This is truly and almost a free opportunity to enhance your creativity skills and also make money from it.   The Ankara nation training is for everybody because it’s affordable and at your own convenient.  Seize this one time opportunity to get our free training video by subscribing to our YouTube channel “myankaranation” or pay a token of N1000 naira only to be involved in our what’s app online training starter class tutorials. 


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