Aso-ebi is a culture that can be traced to the Yoruba people but have gained acceptance to almost all ethnic groups in Nigeria today. 

 Aso-ebi can be seen as a  distinctive or unique fabric worn in special ceremonies by friends, family members and well wishers. This signifies unity and support to the person having the event. The event might be wedding, burial or birthday etc.   

The fabrics used for Aso-ebi can be Ankara materials, lace materials, Aso-oke etc. At such ceremonies, family members, friends and well wishers would wear the Aso-ebi outfit. And it is usually the same fabric made into the same designs or different designs. Aso-ebi has been seen to add colours to many ceremonies such as engagement, wedding, graduations, burials, etc. 

Aso-Ebi outfit have been seen to show case a black man’s culture, bring unity and and add an ingredient in the world of fashion.


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