How To Make Ankara Slippers From The Scratch



Ankara Fabric, Paper Fiber, Marco, Soft Leather, Slippers Sole, Top Bond Gum, Hammer, Tape Rule, Shoe Molder (optional)


On your Marco, trace and cut out the shape of your slippers using your slippers sole.

Also, on your Paper Fiber, trace and cut out a smaller size of the shape of your slippers using your slippers sole.

Apply your Top Gum on the Marco and wrap it with Ankara Fabric. Measure and cut out your Soft Leather; and wrap it Ankara Fabric. See video.

Using your Strong Gum, fix the Slippers parts together. Watch video to understand the steps better.

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This is the finished work of the Ankara Slippers which was made from the scratch. It’s beautiful and hundred percent hand made
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