Ankara Fabric is seen to be popularly used in Africa, although its origin cannot be traced to Africa. The fabric was mainly noticed among the low income earners before now. It is generally the cheapest fabric in the market today, and popularly known as African prints.

Ankara Fabric, though cheap and affordable has made bold and outstanding statement in the world of fashion. This outstanding statement has attracted the presence of dignitaries all over the world, and celebrities from Nollywood and Hollywood etc..

 Today, Ankara fabric is no longer considered as a fabric used to make wears for just cultural activities or ceremonies. Ankara Fabric is used to make assorted types of wears, designs, styles and accessories…

In fact, Ankara Fabric can be used to make Ankara wears, Ankara rings, Ankara earrings and Ankara bags. It can also be used to make Ankara shoes, Ankara neckpiece, Ankara sandals, Ankara brooch, Ankara choker etc.

Ankara accessories are usually perfect, when used to match any dress style or fashion…

Below are pictures of Ankara fabrics.


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